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Changzhou Jinbei Control Electrical Motor Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1992.Our company is a specialized enterprise to produce city micro&special control electrical Motor corporation.Mostly operation include:Hybird and VR stepping motor,AC Servo motor and permanent-magnet synchro-nous motor etc.Our products abroad apply in computer embroider machine,CNC control machine,computer line incise machine,packing printing machine etc.autocontrol equipment industry.Our products are exported to international market with consumer’s productions.
  The famous experts manufacture and empolder our products.They are sophisticated technical personal.We can design and produce else style electrial machine bases consumer’s request.We design and produce according to Chinese micro motor standard GB7345-87and correspond speciality standard.Our test equipment completly.Custom-ers First,Quality First and Serve Zealousness.We warmly wish country inside and outside customers visit and quide.

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